hey, you're cute.

let's dance.

freddashdog said: Did you just start using this again? I thought you had closed or just started a new one.

Haha yeah, I just downloaded the app on my phone and managed to remember my password. I haven’t logged on in 5eva so wasn’t sure if anyone was still following/gave a crap. Hope you’re well! :)

Hello, tumblr world.

View from our kayak on Big Bear Lake
Yeah, me too. Although I just watched a video on BBC News on an injured boy who gets mugged during the disturbances… honestly… people are just getting out of control and it’s really, really sad :(

London Riots

Are really getting scary… I just got word from my cousin in Manchester that the riots have now started around her and in the neighboring city of Salford where more of my family resides.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers and we can all hope this sends a message to Parliament and the Police.


waiting on my friend to get here so we can go on a bike ride to get her margaritas

i think we’re doing this exercise thing wrong right.

Watching car/drift videos with Ricky

Makes me want drift my car all the way home.

I went camping this weekend

And a bug bit my forehead. Twice.

Fuck you, nature.

Elephant! (Taken with instagram)